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The ability of prompt adaptation to requirements of modern market and interests of our clients, 100% transparency of financial relations, simple and instant payments.


Practical approach to resources use guarantees to the client the obtaining of lux class housing with the most favorable price, thus providing 100% realization of ready projects and generates quick profits to investor.


Implementation of innovational technologies provides safe processing of transactions and protection of assets from the start of cooperation and for the long years to come.


The high level of professionalism of Cottage Smart team creates the maximum level of comfort for all our clients at every stage of cooperation.

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COTTAGE SMART LTD is a company with official registration in Belize, which works in real estate and is engaged in the construction of modern housing using the latest technologies and developments in construction. We have a registration certificate, as well as all necessary permits to conduct our activities - we work within the framework of the current legislation. You can check all entitling documents in the "ABOUT US"section.

Certificate Belize

Comfortable and cozy place to live is one of the basic needs of a person, but in the modern world, it is quite difficult to find real estate that will correspond to all wishes of the client, and will not be focused on the amount of the client’s funds. This discrepancy of client’s wishes and their possibilities forced builders to look for new solutions that fully embodied the application of various innovations in the process of building a real estate object.Today it is extremely important to build real estate that will not only meet basic needs, but will also be maximally linked with the principles of environmental friendliness, energy saving and at the same time will be of low cost.

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Investment Plans

ROI - 110% 2% DAILY for 5 calendar days
  • Min 0.005 or $20
  • Max 0.1 or $500
  • Principal Return
ROI - 120% 2.5% DAILY for 8 calendar days
  • Min 0.01 or $50
  • Max 0.5 or $2500
  • Principal Return
ROI - 142% 3% DAILY for 14 calendar days
  • Min 0.05 or $200
  • Max 1 or $5000
  • Principal Return
ROI - 177% 3.5% DAILY for 22 calendar days
  • Min 0.1 or $500
  • Max 5 or $25000
  • Principal Return
ROI - 104.5% 1.5% DAILY for 3 calendar days
  • Min 0.005 or $20
  • Max 0.1 or $500
  • Principal Return
ROI - 103% After 1 day
  • Min 0.005 or $20
  • Max 0.5 or $2500
  • Principal Included
ROI - 102% 4.25% HOURLY for 24 hours
  • Min 0.005 or $20
  • Max 0.1 or $500
  • Principal Included

Investment Calculator

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Why choose houses from cottage smart?

The cottages that are built according to innovative technologies using fundamentally new materials are reliable and durable.

We have a solid experience in construction and carry out our work qualitatively and give our guarantees.

We develop not only reliable houses, but also architecturally attractive ones. Designers and architects of our team carefully design each model.

Thanks to the CIP technology, it is possible to build a cottage in a short time - for 1-2 months we manage to build not just a structure, but a house on a turn-key basis.

The cost of building a cottage on innovative methods is much lower than the construction of an ordinary house.

Energy-saving technology allows you to quickly pay back the cost of a house, making such an acquisition profitable for the client.


Project Statistics

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Klondaika1.00 USD
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Our Latest News

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Aug 13, 2018 11:27

Dear investors and partners! The high popularity among investors in Asia has allowed us to take the necessary steps to improve the usability of the site by users from Vietnam. From today the site is available in Vietnamese.

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Aug 3, 2018 06:58
Dear visitors of the Cottage Smart investment project!

Specialists of our company have completed the preparation of the investment resource Cottage Smart for work, and we solemnly announce the official launch of the project! We offer you a modern and functional resource that provides access to a unique high-yield investment offer. We hope that it will interest you and start a long and fruitful cooperation.

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